EST. MAY, 2014
Operational Procedures



Article I:  Name of Club


This organization shall be known as EIGHT FLAGS JEEP CLUB of Nassau County.


Article II:  Purpose


   A.  To foster family oriented social, recreational, educational and intergenerational activities associated with Jeep ownership and  

         to partner with Rick Keffer DCJR to enjoy the "Jeep Experience".


   B.  To support and participate in civic activities.


   C.  To adhere to the principles of the "Tread Lightly Program".


Article III:  Membership and Dues


   A.  Membership is by invitation only.


   B.  All members must own or lease a Jeep, be at least 18 yrs of age, and reside in the northeast Florida or southeast Georgia area.


   C.  Each membership includes the member, and his/her immediate family who reside in the member's home.


   D.  All Club members will conduct themselves in a respectable and orderly fashion during all Club events/activities.  No alcoholic 

         beverages or illegal drugs are permitted during any event, function or meeting.


   E.  Membership runs from January 1 through December 31.


   F.  Membership dues shall be paid in full no later than January 30 each year.  Annual membership dues shall be a minimum of $30 

        per year.  Dues will be pro-rated depending upon date of membership.  Any member who fails to pay the agreed upon Club dues 

        by the deadline will have his/her membership suspended until the dues are paid.


   G.  All membership candidates must complete an official Club application and submit it for approval prior to becoming a member.


Article IV:  Meetings


   A.  Official Club meetings will be held quarterly at the minimum, more often at the discretion of the Board.  The location and time will 

         be announced one month prior to an official Club meeting.


   B.  Due to unforeseen circumstances, meeting times, locations and frequency are subject to change.


Article V:  Jeep Requirements


   A.  All Jeeps regardless of year or model must have proper safety equipment and be in compliance with the Traffic Laws of the 

        State o Florida.


   B.  All Jeeps participating in the Club events must have proof of current registration and insurance as required by State Law.


Article VI:  Non-Discrimination Policy


   A.  The Club Board, and membership do no discriminate on the basis of race, creed, color, national origin, religion, ancestry, disability,

         gender, marital status, sexual orientation or age.


   B.  Any substantial cases of discrimination are grounds for immediate termination of Club membership.


Article VII:  Officers


   A.  The officers of the Club consist of the President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary.  Club officers will be elected by majority vote

         from the Club membership.


   B.  Officer roles shall be as follows:

         1.  President

              a.  Is a member of the Board of Directors

              b.  Provides leadership to the Board of Directors, who set policy.

              c.  Chairs meetings of the Board of Directors

              d.  Chairs Club membership meetings

              e.  Approves via signature all Club expenditures

              f.  Is the primary liaison with all Club Sponsors

         2.  Vice President

              a.  Is a member of the Board of Directors

              b.  Performs President responsibilities when the President is not available

              c.  Appoints and supervises Committee Chairs with input from Board and Club members

              d.  Works closely with the President and other officers

              e.  Vice President reports to the President

         3.  Secretary

              a.  Is a member of the Board of Directors

              b.  Provides a written record (Minutes) of Club meetings

              c.  Distributes minutes to Club members and Sponsors

              d.  Secretary reports to the President

         4.  Treasurer

              a.  Is a member of the Board of Directors

              b.  Manages finances of the Club

              c.  Provides a financial report at Club and Board meetings to include an itemized list of income and expenditures

              d.  Treasurer reports to the President


C.  Officer's terms are set at one year.  There is no limit of terms an officer can serve.


D.  Officer's nominations and elections shall occur at the January Club meeting.


E.  The Club sponsors, will be honorary voting members of the Club Board of Directors.


F.  Officers are non-compensated volunteers of the Club and do not receive personal compensation or special privileges for promoting any

      event or activity.  


Article VIII:  Committees


   A.  Membership Committee Chair

         a.  The Membership Chair is responsible for all activities involving the solicitation of new members and the maintenance of the

              active membership.

         b.  Maintains the master membership list.

         c.  Keeps membership applications.

         d.  Sends and receives membership applications to prospective members.

         e.  Sends any membership checks or monies to the Club treasurer.

         f.   Keeps membership data complete and current.

         g.  The membership Chair reports to the Vice President.

   B.  Marketing Committee Chair

         a.  Develops and implements a martketing strategy that markets the Club and its fundraising efforts.

         b.  Develops and maintains a strong and productive relationship with both print and electonic media.

         c.  The Marketing Chair reports to the Vice President.

   C.  Event Committee Chair

         a.  Identifies, organizes and implements Club social, recereational and educational events.

         b.  Is the Safety Officer for all Club social recreational and educational events.

         c.  The event Committee Chair reports to the Vice President.

   D.  Newsletter Chair

         a.  Develops, manages and implements at least a quarterly newsletter to Club members.

         b.  Serves as the point person for all information the Board of Directors and Committee Chairs desire to circulate to Club members.

         c.  Coordinate Newsletter content with the Club web page.

         d.  The Newsletter Chair reports to the Vice President.


Article IX:  Waiver of Liability


   A.  Any member or non-member of the Club who participates in any event affiliated with the Club does so at his/her own risk.  He/She

        does not hold the Club, its officers, and/or sponsor liable for any injury, loss, damages, or death that may occur due to such



   B.  It is understood that Club events having to do with the operation of one or more vehicles pose potential harm to persons and property, 

        and it is understood that members and non-members participate in all events at their own risk.


Article X:  Club Web Site


   A.  Once a website URL is established for the Club, it shall be owned solely by the Club and the Sponsor and be accessed only by paid

         members and the Sponsor.


   B.  The Club's website is to be used for the purpose of collaborating and educating Club members.  Any content posted on the website that

         does not reflect the family oriented Club values will be removed.


Article XI:  Founding Members


Founding members are those members who participated, by attendance or by verbal/email input prior to the adoption of the Club Operating Procedures.  Founding members:


   A.  Will be recognized in appropriate current and historical prints and digital products.


   B.  Will be recognized at appropriate Club events.


   C.  Are listed in Attachment 1.


Article XII:  Sponsors and Club Relationship


   A.  Club Sponsor, Rick Keffer DCJR will provide:

         a.  A monthly financial stipend to support Club operatons, activities and events.

         b.  A discount to all Club members in good standing for the purchase of Jeeps, Jeep parts, Jeep repairs, Jeep accessories and 

              Jeep maintenance.


   B.  Club Board of Directors and members will advance the "Jeep Product" by:

         a.  Providing word-of-mouth suport for Sponsor products and services.

         b.  Accessing Sponsor for Jeep services and repairs.

         c.  Assisting Sponsor in special activities, events and projects.

         d.  Recognizing the Sponsor in all Club media products.


Article XIII:  Amendments to the Operational Procedures


The operational procedures of the Club may be amended pending approval of Club officers and members.  Any disputes with a proposed amendment shall be settled by a majority vote.  There will be only one vote per member in good standing.








Club By-Laws