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Fun for the whole family!

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Check back for more event information as it becomes available.

*New date-Saturday, April 10*

**Check back for forms while we revise them for the rescheduled 2021 event

Rain or shine event!

Leeper Jeeperz vehicle decal and a dog tag for every registered Jeep!

Event Information

  • What do we get for our $25?

    • A 50 mile ride through Nassau County, Florida including an off pavement (logging trail roads) portion through limited access private property that promises to be a beautiful ride.  A unique Leeperz Jeeperz Dog Tag, a Leeperz Jeeperz Sticker, and NCSO Charities waterproof storage case with lanyard, and assorted goodies from sponsors and vendors. T-shirts will be available for purchase for $20 at the event.  There will be an event raffle at 2pm.  Food trucks will be present to purchase lunch.

  • Do you accept credit cards or checks at the actual event or is it cash only?

    • To use a credit card for payment for entry or to purchase tickets for additional passengers, please visit our pre-registration website located at:  ONLY CASH WILL BE ACCEPTED THE DAY OF THE EVENT.   If you pay by credit card online during pre-registration, you must bring your receipt and show your receipt at registration to gain entry.  If you do not have your receipt for any reason, you will be required to pay cash for entry at the Fairgrounds.  This is due to PayPal payment limitations and we apologize for any inconvenience.


  • Do we need to pre-register or can we pay at the event?

    • We strongly recommend everyone pre-register at in order to help the ride depart at the scheduled time, as all required paperwork and waiver forms can be downloaded and filled out prior to the event expediting the check-in process.  Also, you can only pay by credit card through the pre-registration process – only cash will be accepted at the event location.  You will need to present your pre-registration receipt to gain entry.  If you do not have your receipt for any reason, you will be required to pay cash for entry at the Fairgrounds. 


  • How do we get to this location?

    • The Northeast Florida Fairgrounds is located at 543378 US-1, Callahan, FL 32011.  There are several ways to get to the Fairgrounds which are located approximately 2.2 miles North of the center of the Town of Callahan (the intersection of State Road 200 and US1).


  • Is it rain or shine?

    • The event will begin with all Jeeps departing the Northeast Florida Fairgrounds at 10:00 rain or shine, unless an unusual weather event makes the ride too dangerous to proceed.  If it rains, the off-pavement portion of the ride that occurs on a logging road trail will be muddy.  Plan accordingly.  If it rains and you do not want to get off pavement, you can remain at the Fairgrounds and enjoy the food of several food trucks, browsing vendor and sponsorship displays, and enjoying the display of other Jeeps attending the event.  The Main Event Raffle will be held at 2pm. 


  • Is it family friendly?

    • Yes, this is a family friendly event and children 12 and under ride free.  We welcome as many additional family members and passengers as can be safely seat-belted inside your Jeep.


  • Will we be able to purchase beer/alcohol at the Fairgrounds?

    • No.  As this event is affiliated with the Nassau County Sheriff’s Office, alcohol is not permitted on the premises and may not be consumed before, during, or after the ride, until the conclusion of the event.


  • What is the Jeep ride route? Does it include offloading, driving on the beach, switchbacks?

    • The ride will begin at the staging area of the Northeast Florida Fairgrounds located at 543378 US-1, Callahan, FL 32011.  Upon departing the Fairgrounds, the ride will turn left out of the parking lot heading Northeast on Musselwhite Road toward historic Fernandina Beach.  In approximately 4 miles, the ride will turn left heading North onto Middle Road.  After traveling on Middle Road for approximately 5 miles, the ride turn right heading East onto County Road 108.  The ride will travel through wooded areas of Nassau County on County Road 108 for approximately 10 miles until reaching US-17 in Yulee.  The ride will turn North on US-17 toward Pages Dairy Road.  The ride will travel approximately 1/2 miles to Pages Diary Road and turn right heading East on Pages Diary Road, traveling approximately 5 miles to Chester Road.  The ride will then turn North and travel up Chester Road approximately 4 miles to Roses Bluff Road.  The ride will then turn left heading West onto Roses Bluff Road.  After traveling on Roses Bluff Road for a few miles, the ride will enter Rayonier private property and run just under 10 miles through natural wooded, logging dirt roads and along the St. Mary’s River.  Be advised, if it rains, plan on possibly muddy conditions, but nothing impassable.   After riding West/Northwest through Rayonier property along the St. Mary’s River, the ride will exit onto Crandall Road heading Southwest back toward US-17.  The Ride will then turn right heading North onto US-17 from Crandall Road running a few miles back to County Road 108.  The Ride will then turn left heading West on Country Road 108 heading back toward Middle Road.  In approximately 10 miles, the ride will then turn left heading South on Middle Road.  After traveling approximately 5 miles on Middle Road, the ride will turn right heading Southwest on Musslewhite Road.  The ride will then return to the Fairgrounds’ Musslewhite Road entrance turning right into the parking lot.  The total ride is approximately 53 miles.  There will not be any driving on the beach during the 2020 Leeperz Jeeperz (maybe next time) and the ride through Rayonier private property is not conducive for a switchback at this time.  However, this ride includes a unique piece of property that is limited access and the ride promises to be exciting.  A detailed route map will be uploaded soon.  Keep checking back.  The route is subject to change without notice.


  • Are pets allowed at the Northeast Florida Fairgrounds?

    • Yes, however, all pets must be on a leash at all times.  For safety reasons, pet owners should not bring any dog that shows aggression toward other dogs, children or adults.  There will be a designated area for the dogs to "relieve themselves" and exercise. Signs will be posted identifying these areas.


  • What are the raffle prizes?

    • Davis Jeep Dodge Chrysler Ram of Yulee, Florida has donated a Two Year Maintenance Package (includes four oil changes and two tire rotations during that two year period) a $450 value.

    • 4 Wheel Parts of Jacksonville, Florida has donated several items for auction: a Smitty Built Recovery Strap, a Smitty Built Rapid Air Deflator, an ARB Speedy Seal tire puncture repair kit, a Smitty Built 5.6 CFM Heavy Duty Air Compressor, a Smitty Build Kinetic Recoil Tow Rope, and a ARB Airlocker Camping Chair with attached Table.

    • Vendors and sponsors continue to donate prizes almost daily, so please check back.


  • Will restrooms be available?

    • Yes, full restrooms will be available in the Northeast Florida Fairground property.


  • Will there be any refunds if I am unable to attend unexpectedly?

    • For logistical reason, should you be unable to attend, we regret there will not be any refunds. Thank you for your donation to the Nassau County Shops with Cops program.  We welcome you to learn more about how your donation will support the children of Nassau County, Florida by visiting:

The Nassau County Sheriff's Office and NCSO Charities, Inc. will be hosting their first annual Jeep event to raise funds for their Shop With Cops program, as well as assisting other charitable missions and events within Nassau County. Helping those in need is summarized in its mission and slogan: Nurturing Community Safety through Outreach. NCSO Charities, Inc. is a Floria Not For Profit Corporation.

NCSO Charities, Inc. strives to combat juvenile delinquency and community deterioration by organizing educational programs and by supporting and assisting members of our community who could benefit from these charitable programs (including the disadvantaged, distressed, or underprivileged).  NCSO Charities, Inc. events foster interaction between dedicated Nassau County sworn and civilian law enforcement professionals and the members of our community.